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9 February 1999 Edition

Over the past couple of months, I have been juggling between several projects. I have been updating my Web site by introducing frames and style sheets to most of my English pages (and a separate style sheet to my Esperanto ones). I have been translating into Esperanto the Bare Bones Guide to HTML, a concise cheat sheet of HTML tags now in its fourth edition. I have been contributing to my fellow Caitlin Clarke site. On top of that, I had to reinstall Windows 98 on the PC I gave to my sister because her daughter downloaded off the net an infected file that crashed the PC. Busy busy. :)

The major change to my site is invisible to viewers unless they are in the habit of reading their browsers' status bar. I have rebuild the folder structure of the site. The Caitlin Clarke, Fairmount and Esperanto pages get their own subfolders. The images subfolder is itself subdivided thematically. I did this to keep my pages better organized.

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