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7 August 1999 Edition

I have just lived through the two hottest weeks to have struck this part of the country in years. Temperatures were in the mid- to upper-30s Celsius, reaching 40°C at my workplace late last week. And the air was often totally saturated, so the air felt like a wet wash cloth.

To make matters more interesting, a severe storm last week zapped one of two compressors that run the air conditioning in my workplace. It's good, that I work in the basement, where the cool air pools; the upper floors are warm and muggy.

Meanwhile the heat, the humidity and pollen from the early-maturing cornfields have played havoc with my newly-sensitive bronchial tubes. It's not really pleasant to have aches in various and changing parts of your chest. My throat still feels stiff from the Vanceril I was given last spring, so I am not too keen on seeing a doctor just yet.

My department in a state of flux, with a new boss and a new sysadmin and another person leaving by the end of this week. My new boss has big things planned (some of which were long overdue), and I do not know how things will turn out.

I have had to, once again, reinstall Windows 98 on my computer. I don't know why I keep doing it. Win98 makes my computer temperamental, especially since I got a new tower case/power supply for it. I have learnt to run Norton WinCheck off the CD-ROM drive at each step of the install. I have had to ditch the IE connection wizard because it was the source of a lot of crashes. So far my computer is on good behavior.

I am typing this page with the new version of TextPad, and so far I am really liking it. It's good to see the HTML tags in various colors, which tell you if you got them typed right.

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