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2-3 November 1999 Edition

The leaves are red and gold and brown now, and the air is crisp outside. The fields are almost all harvested, and the land is a bare beige broken by scattered small forest. It is truly fall.

Why am I typing this? I am listening to an MP3 CD-ROM of music by Debussy, the French Impressionist, and the music is making me think of the season so far.

Don't worry: It won't get any deeper from this point on. :)

I got a new Soyo motherboard from TC Computers and with it replaced my old troublesome motherboard. Then I reinstalled Windows 98 and added the drivers that came with the board. You know what? Not a single glitch appeared. My computer works perfectly. I am so happy — my long troubles with my computer are over.

I stuck my old Asus motherboard in the box my new one came in and stuffed it under the bed, where I don't have to look at it. I'll figure out its fate later. It will be an ugly fate, for that board has been trouble from the day I installed it. From now on I will not be so trusting of boards from Asus.

With my main box finally fixed, I am starting work on my Linux machine. It is made from various parts from old computers. It's based on a 100-MHz Pentium with twenty-four megabytes RAM. It's an ancient machine by current standards … but when it runs Caldera OpenLinux, it will purr like a cat, I'm sure.

My health insurance is proving its lack of worth as the costs of my visit to Ball Memorial (forced by stomach flu) come in. First comes the bill from the emergency room physician, which the insurance does not cover. Just as I pay that out, I get a letter from the insurance company, saying it won't pay the hospital bill, either, because it falls below the limit of my deductible.

My got better service when I was under my dad's health insurance. But my coverage ended fifteen years ago; my dad was in a union, so the insurance was better than most; and that was before everyone stupidly thought that HMO's were a Good Thing.

I guess I'll have to abstain from restaurant chicken, which send me to the hospital in the first place. (I won't tell you what they feed those birds in the factories the restaurants get their chicken from. You might not have eaten yet. ;) )

I've been revising my Caitlin Clarke web pages, which haven't changed all that much (updates aside) since I converted my notes on her to HTML in 1996. I've added an image gallery and links to those pages in her alma mater's web newsletter, the College Street Journal of Mount Holyoke College, which mention her.

Presently mine is the only site devoted to Ms. Clarke now. The other Web site dedicated to her, About Caitlin Clarke…, is no longer around. That's too bad, because the author of that site is a fine graphics artist, and his was a better-looking site than my own. I can only hope that my extensions make up for the loss.

Also, I come to realize that my traditional sources of information on Ms. Clarke have now run dry. There is one other place I could visit, whose tradition of theatre is strongest in my state and where information on Ms. Clarke's career should be most readily available. With this in mind I heaved a sigh of inevitability and one Saturday went to (argh!) Indiana University.

It's a two-hour trip from where I live to the IU campus in Bloomington, and I was lucky to have found a parking place near the main library since there was a football game going on. But I was not disappointed in what the library could provide: Up-to-date copies of the Theatre World and Best Plays series. The problem with both series is that their idea of 'regional theatre' are large cities other than New York, so plays Ms. Clarke did in places like Mount Holyoke get missed.

3 November 1999

The Dysmey Page … has moved.

I have moved my Web site to VServers, where it can stay fixed if I should move or change Internet service providers. Needless to say, the Caitlin Clarke Page and the Fairmount Web Spot have moved as well.

My e-mail address has also changed. You can reach me at dysmey@dysmey.org, but the old address works as well.

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