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March 2000 Edition

A new kind of page arrives…

I have been so successful with the PHP script that I have converted all my pages to it. From now on you will need to use a php3 extension to load all pages on my web site.

If you look at the source text of this page, you will see nothing out of the ordinary. That's the idea—no Javascript, no VBScript, nothing your computer has to do to tailor this page. And that is a good thing, because the client-side (client = you) scripting languages rely too much on what browser you have in order to work.

…and a good pizzeria departs.

I have discovered today that the Noble Roman's pizzeria in Muncie, which I have been a regular customer for fifteen years, has been closed.

I knew that the company that ran Nobel Roman's was going to close most of its pizzerias, but I thought the Muncie place would be spared because it served Ball State students and was doing well. I guess it wasn't enough for the suits at corporate headquarters, which was losing money overall during the past few years.

I will miss that pizzeria. I will not visit those 'pizza express' places because the food does not taste as good. I hope someone buys out the company before those morons run it into the ground.

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