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Late April 2000 Edition

It's the start of spring, at least officially. It is cool and partly cloudy weather today, with the temperature just below 10°C (50°F).

It has been a frustrating day today. I have a program from our data farm, which freezes the screen of the person who uses it. It has not been updated in over a year, despite claims to the contrary. No problem: an update is on its way. Unto that update, however, I can do little else, and I have a lot of computer to install at the company branches.

Hungry for pizza, I decided to visit a pizzeria I have not seen in over a decade and a half. This is Greek's Pizzeria in the Village. Greek's has been around since the days when it was the only other bright spot (the Chug was the other) in an otherwise boring strip anchored by a staid clothing store. The clothing store is gone, and a lot of bright eateries, bars, boutiques and book shops adorn the Village. But Greeks' is still with us, doing as well as ever. And the food is very good.

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