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Site Transfer 2000 Edition

May 7

A New Web Host

I have moved to another Web host, but not another hosting service.

To interpret that enigmatic statement, VServers was bought out yet again, this time by a company called HostPro. The new company offers a Unix service deal that is five dollars cheaper per month, and has more and better features, than my VServer Mini account. So I am switching over.

The new deal gives me more e-mail accounts, anonymous FTP and twice as much capacity. I will have to pay in three-month increments, but I don't mind.

The really bad part is the transition. My site is still dysmey.org, but for a short time there will be two sites under the same name until the old site is removed.

My Vacation

A week of vacation has just past.

I spent most of my vacation at home working on my computer and studying for the gateway examination to Microsoft's MCSE certification. I visited Purdue; celebrated the birthday of actress Caitlin Clarke (more on her when I get her web page back up); got fitted for new eyeglasses; and bombed that MCSE exam (but not by much). And I was on time to a Whoosier Network meeting for the first time in five years.

And now, elaboration:

May 25

This new site is still not yet www.dysmey.org because I still cannot get the billing department at VServers to authorize the cancellation of my old site. It has been over two weeks since I rented the new site and over a week since I requested cancellation of the old. E-mail and fax have had no effect, so I had to phone VServers to get them to budge.

PHP 4 is now out. I will install and test it on my computer as soon as I find an old registry file with PHP install. (The registry file does not come with 4.0, and I will have to notify the PHP group about that.)

After I get PHP 4 to work on my computer, I will have to notify VServers' tech support to see if they will upgrade PHP on my host server, or else let me do it. It is still using PHP 3.0.15, which does not have str_replace(). That is not good, because I need it for character mapping with my Esperanto pages.

Part of the new web site is a title bar with emblem. The emblem is a stylized lower-case Greek delta, which I found in a book called The Elements of Typographic Design. The glyph will appear on all pages in the Dysmey Post, and will serve as a link to the home page on all pages (except the home page).

May 28

The old site is finally shut down.

The bad news is that my domain name, dysmey.org, has not been transferred to my new site. That means this web page can't be reached by www.dysmey.org, nor can I get e-mail through dysmey@dysmey.org.

I am going to talk with the tech support folks at VServers/HostPro, and hopefully I can get this fixed sometime next week.

Also, I have started the practice of moving past issues of my web page to separate files.

Esperanto Pages

I've been experimenting with Esperanto pages. I have created PHP scripts that let you view the pages well, whether you use Lynx or a Mozilla-based browser.

Trouble is, I can't use them on the HostPro site because it is still using PHP 3.0.15, and my text-to-Latin3 functions work only with version 3.0.8 or later. I will have to use my WinStar site for the Esperanto stuff, I guess.

I will see if I can have PHP 4 installed on my virtual host, or if I can do it myself.

June 8

The Dysmey Post lives again!

The domain name has been resolved. I hope to get the whole of my Web page back up and running by the end of this weekend.

It has been an exhausting struggle dealing with Network Solutions over the past month since I started the new site. I hope I don't have to go through this again for awhile.

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