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June 2000 Edition

It's been awhile, hasn't it?

The problem now isn't the domain name. That was fixed, as was my e-mail service. It's that I have spent a lot of time on my Esperanto page, the Poŝto Dismeo. I've also had to deal with a busted fuel line on my car, and a new Linux machine.

My Esperanto page has really taken shape now, so much so that I have ported its scripts over to this page. Once I have tweaked those scripts, this site will look really fine.

They would look better if I could persuade the techies at HostPro to upgrade my PHP to the new version 4.0. That would give me a lot of flexibility in scripting my pages.

I lost a lot of gas mileage on my car, and at the worst possible time with gas prices so high where I live. Then my sister discovered my car was whizzing gas onto the street. Argh! The fuel line developed a tear!! It took two hours to gather all the gas out of the tank. Fortunately it was a cheap repair (just replace the hose), and what a difference it made on my mileage!

Then I put together a computer and slapped on Red Hat Linux 6.2. The computer is an old Pentium 133 with 24MB RAM, a VGA monitor and a 33600 bps modem. Yet Red Hat made it run so well. The modem even worked, and I could dial out to the Internet! Three previous attempts with Linux, and couldn't make the modem work, let alone dial out.

The Linux cost $30 and I also got personal-edition WordPerfect for $20. Now compare that with what it would cost you if you got full-version Windows 98 and Word 2000. And Linux is not as likely to crash and burn as Win98 would.

It all this words out, I will end up consigning my Windows to playing games, running multimedia and typing in TextPad (Linux's one weakness is a lack of a decent text editor—no, Emacs is not a text editor, it's a monstrosity!!)

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