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Early July 2000 Edition

I have been wrestling with problems both with my computer and with my own health lately.

First, my health. It appears that all the years of Pepsi drinking have trashed my GI tract. First, my stomach had been bellyaching. When that went away, problems have occurred, um, lower down. This has been going on for more than a week.

I had thought at first that it was the result of a bad meal at my favorite restaurant. Then I thought it over and decided the symptoms were starting to appear before my last meal there. At worse, the pizza merely provided the catalyst.

In any case, I will not be eating at that pizzeria again—not because I don't want to but because it has closed down for the second time this year. I do not expect it to reopen. I am not happy about this, as it has been my favorite pizzeria for over ten years.

It looks like I will have to visit my doctor about this complaint. It also looks like I will have to swear off the caffeine after the holiday is over. I will have to stop buying Pepsi products. I will have to figure out what to do with all that Mountain Dew I have under my desk at work. (Probably give it to my boss's boss, who is still an avid Dew-drinker.)

Next, my computer. I tried out the web server Apache for Windows both on my work and home boxes. It works great. But when I tried to install PHP into Apache on my home computer, I trashed my Windows registry and had to re-install Windows. Foo.

Anyway, now my home box uses PWS (the native Windows web server) with PHP 3.0.16, and with both I am reconstructing my site on my computer to test out how it looks before putting it on my web site on the net.

Do I know that PHP 4.0 is now out? I know. So does HostPro. Unfortunately, that does not translate into PHP 4.0 being available on my HostPro site, and I did ask HostPro tech support at least twice. I probably won't see PHP 4.0 for the near future, so I use version 3.0.16, which matches what I do have.

I haven't given up on Apache; it's one of the most important open-source programs today. It's also the most popular server on non-commercial and many commercial sites. Linux, Apache and PHP are good to learn for my future career.

I'll have plenty of time to experiment with all three when I start house-sitting for my sister when she does a month's sabbatical. I plan to set up my Linux machine there when I move early this month.

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