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6th Work Anniversary Edition

It's been a long time since I updated this page. Most of my efforts has been directed at the Esperanto version, which I have been tweaking for ease of updating and readability across a variety of browsers; and at the Caitlin Clarke Page.

However, I felt compelled to do this update by a lot of big events that have come about over the past two weeks.


Today (15 May 2001) marks the sixth year that I have been working as a computer technician for my current employer (whose name I will not reveal). I am amazed that I have worked this long. This is now the longest job I ever had, longer than my 5½-year stint at the Bracken Library at Ball State during my student days.

I am amazed, too, that I am still working here. I have faced dismissal at least twice, and the uglier prospect of having to obtain MCSE certification; yet I have prevailed.


Douglas Adams passed away this past Friday at the age of 49.

Adams was the author of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy books, which made philosophical nihilism fun. He was also a script editor for the British sci-fi series Doctor Who, for which he wrote one of its best serials, The City of Death.


You are a basketball coach in a state where the game is god. One senior did not make the cut, even though he at the top of his class. Two players were punished for being rowdy with a girl. Those type of decisions are part of what basketball coaches like you do.

The boys' angry parents have pull. Lotsa pull. So much pull that—despite your improved record of wins this year and the support in your favor from a majority of parents, the local paper, and even the regional sports paper—you are now out of a job.

That's Madison-Grant for you.

Madison-Grant schools have long been a burden on the neck of Fairmount. The schools are now so poor they drive away potential business from the area. The administration is so inept that a boy was forced to kill the father who had long abused him and his family, because the school refused to either intervene or call the authorities.

All these are bad enough, but now this…

Living in Fairmount is not exactly conductive to my career, but I hope to stay around long enough to vote those incompetents of the school board out of office. What they have done is beyond excuse.

Remember on election day, and turn them out as they deserve.

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