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Early June 2001 Edition

It seemed to have been a short weekend.

On Friday after work I went to the monthly meeting of the Whoosier Network. Afterwards we went to this pizza place nearby called Bazbeaux. It's in a gentrified part of town that's difficult to find if you're not familiar with the layout of downtown Indy. The pizzeria itself looks like it was built into what was once a couple of residences. It looked odd with its plaster walls and oaken doors; it was as if I was eating in my own room. Anyway, I ordered the 'Bayou Chicken' from among its exotic pizzas.

On Sunday I went with my folks to the graduation of my niece Megan. Her high school is in a large town near the Michigan border. Like Madison-Grant in my day, it was built within the past decade; until M-G, it looked and smelt like it was just built. It's bigger, too: it has two gymnasia!

Anyway, I sat for over an hour cramped on a hard wooden bench in the bleachers while hearing boring and cliched speeches from students and administration, and watching baby pictures of the students set to contemporary music. (My legs hurt afterwards.) I saw Megan get her diploma. She was obviously not an honor student, given that she did not have a pile of ribbons and metals hanging from her neck, unlike half that class.

On Monday I was juggling a half-dozen tasks at work, and managed to lay half of those to rest. One of those is a form-letter generator, which I've decided to write as a full-fledged program rather than a Word macro. Another is an add-on to an intranet program that can wait until form-letter generator is finished. Then there is an upgrade install. My company deals with several Federal agencies, all of which require that we use their software. Some of those are DOS programs...like the one I must install. Argh!

Today I went to the northern branches to set several workstations right and to fix a printer, so that it can work until we get a maintenance kit installed. It has been a wet day today, especially up north, where it rained almost constantly all morning. I drove up and back listening mostly to 'high-energy' music from some Fort Wayne radio station.

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