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The Post-Attack Edition


Let us give thanks for the bravery and heroism of the passengers of United Airlines Flight 93, and to Jeremy Glick in particular, as they thwarted the vile plans of the three terrorists who had seized their plane. Although the plane crashed into an empty field in Pennsylvania with all lives lost, the passengers have stopped the terrorists from inflicting an even worse disaster. Knowing their doom, they fought the enemies of the human race and thus are truly heroes among us. More…
Andy West, 12 Sep 2001

a diatribe

First, let me say that there is no such thing as a good or holy war.

Fanatics with dreams of earning a place in paradise, who kill themselves and take as many blameless people as they can, go to Hell. There is no salvation for them. They have thrown themselves away like used wads of toilet paper. Let such as they be remembered as the evil sons of bitches that they are. And let those who cheer the vile acts of these murderers have their suffering grow tenfold!

the evil event

It is obvious, that I speak of the kamikaze attacks this morning by four hijacked aircraft on the World Trade Center in New York; the Pentagon near Washington; and some empty field east of Pittsburgh. Muslim terrorists (who else have the money, the planning and such little regard for life?) brought death to hundreds upon hundreds of people, and paralysis to much of the rest of the country.

Part of that paralysis was the shutdown of fuel pipelines. Gasoline prices went up today, and there were long lines at every gas station I saw on my way back to Muncie. Frankly it was ridiculous: there is no gas shortage yet, and likely won't be one for a long while. The prices will probably go down after a couple of days.

Another part was the lockdown of all aviation in the country. There were no domestic flights. The Las Vegas vacation my folks were to begin today had to be dropped because their flight was canceled. Mind you, the sky was a wonderfully clear blue today because there were no jet trails in it.


I saw how the two stricken towers and a side-building collapsed into clouds of crystal, smoke and dust. It was as if they were made of sand. How unbelievably fragile! Nelson Rockefeller may not have had rage-filled Arabs in mind when he had those ugly monstrosities built in the early 1970's, but surely they could have been made more robust. Many lives were lost when those buildings rained on top of them.

Let us all pray such towers are never rebuilt!

are you ready for war?

It is obvious to all, that the kamikaze attack is an act of war. (In fact, some have compared it to the Pearl Harbor attack of 1941.) The Muslim nation that is found to have sponsored the attack must be destroyed. It must die, even if its hapless citizens fall into the hands of a neighboring country as a result.

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