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One Month After The Attack


The 'Muslim nation' and its guest found responsible for the attacks on New York and Washington has been shown to be Afghanistan and Usama bin Laden. Now the Yanks are out to destroy them (I hope).

It would be good if our current President has a spine that is not made of cooked pasta--unlike his father, whose failure to dispose of Saddam Hussein in 1990 and whose subsequent posting of troops in Sa'udi Arabia set forth events (and a series of bombings) that have climaxed on September 11.

The Taliban and bin Laden have tried to chatter their way out of what has come to them. They tried to rally the house of Islam to their defense. Never has it occurred to the self-righteous fools that their brand of Islam — noxious even to the 'neighboring country' — and their battles with fellow Muslims (the Northern Alliance) have made them a stench in the house of Islam. It's likely they will get no help as long as the Yanks and Brits restrict the bombings to the Taliban themselves.


The weather has turned cold and damp. It's hard on the sinuses, and one of my co-workers has been out for most of this week due to weather-related illness.

This week's theme is: SMC bad — 3Com good. You can't use Novell ZenWorks Imaging with an SMC card. Worse, they corrupt data from the network, which in turn corrupts the hard disk. In time we have to reinstall everything on many an affected computer.

On the other hand, we have found no such trouble with 3Com cards in later batches. They work with ZenWorks, and leave data alone. Better, they are the preferred network card among the programming wizards, which is why they work on Linux systems right out of the box.

One of the batches of computer we ordered had SMC cards, and I had to call Gateway and have them send 3Com cards for us to swap.

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