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The Veterans Day 2001 Edition

Today is the anniversary of the end of World War One, the war that solved nothing; was bungled by Wilson's refusal to compromise even when all other sides were willing to deal (otherwise the USA would have been in the League of Nations); and was finally brought back by Hitler as World War Two. This day is celebrated as Veterans' Day in my country and as Remembrance Day in Canada; it was originally called Armistice Day in both.

The day is made more poignant as it is the start of the second month since the kamikaze attacks on New York and the Pentagon by Arab terrorists, and as there is a war going on to punish Afghanistan for its part in the attacks.

But other than mi madre, who was born on this day, it doesn't mean much in my everyday life. As I'm not a public employee, I don't get the day off.

Anyway, I discovered I forgot my mother's birthday when everyone gave her birthday cards but me. :-o In haste I went to the local K-Mart in Gas City. Most of the cards there were of the type so saccharine, that I could feel my teeth rotting as I read them. In the end I got her a Jeff Foxworthy ("You could be a redneck…") birthday card.

Also, I delivered my car to the auto shop whence it came, so that the left fender can be undented. I originally planned to walk the mile or so back (I really, really need the exercise), but the shop fellow wouldn't hear of it. I was driven back in a car of the same make, but with a red-white-blue color scheme.

Anime Web Turnpike

I'm ashamed to admit that, as an anime fan, I do not visit the Anime Web Turnpike often. It was bad enough that the web site went down several weeks ago. I typed www.anipike.com, and found myself looking at the American Cancer Society! What did they do, steal the domain name? Or is this just a redirection (possible on the server side)?

Anyway, the mirror sites for the Anime Web Turnpike still work. Here is the address for the European mirror: http://anime.jyu.fi/~anipike/

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