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Late January 2002 Edition

Today is a lovely day: While it is drizzly and gray, it is a very warm day, for winter. It would be a mood lifter…if I did not have to dodge the heathen morons who habitually drive the streets of Muncie. You know, the ones who crash into each other on Wheeling Avenue every so often. Such a creature slammed into the company van one of my co-workers was driving on her way back from up north.

Then there are the old folks—the ones whose hands on the steering wheel are often their only parts you see when you look through their back windows—the ones who, when I am driving to work, mosey down Wheeling Pike in the morning like it was theirs.

I think God put these fools on the road to test how long my patience can last.

No TrueBasic

It looks like I will be staying with my HostPro web site service for the foreseeable future.

The scripting language PHP is essential for my Esperanto pages: thus I cannot do without it: thus I must have it on whatever hosting system I adopt.

I called Interland and talked with one of their salesman about transferring to the Interland TrueBasic account (their only affordable one). When I asked if PHP is available on the TrueBasic account, he replied, "No".

Well, that's settled. Sigh.

I had considered paying for my HostPro account for longer than three months. Then I thought, "I may have to leave Interland if it starts pressuring for the closure of the old Hostpro accounts. It's better if I start looking for a new hosting service."

The State Of Rock

Some time ago a singer named Len put out a song called Steal My Sunshine. It begins "I was lying in the grass the Sunday of last week…" and it gets really meaningless from then on, although it sounds like some woman is making the singer's life miserable. The chorus sings "…if you steal my sunshine", which at first sounded to me like "they'd steal my sunshine", making me wonder who "they" are.

The background rhythm (DA dum-dum DA dum-dum) sounds like that of More, More, More, a song by early 1970's porn star Andrea True. That song was dumb, so I figured the Len song would be, too. After reading the lyrics, I am now sure.

I suppose this is the outcome of music after the end of alternative rock. Even the Foo Fighters appear to have spent themselves. Now what we have on the radio is largely sappy and squeally cruft for clueless teeny-babies. The recording industry then wonders why sales are dropping, and stupidly blames the Internet.

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