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Labor Day 2002 Edition

the holiday

Labor Day honors the worker; at least it was supposed to when it was set up long ago. Nowadays it merely marks the official end of the summer season in the United States.


Labor Day is not a holiday at Indiana University, but its first day of classes. Therefore, my sister left the night before, but not before she had me go through the formality of signing a rent agreement. Basically I live in the downstairs floor of her house (the upstairs is for storage) in exchange for rent.

Today is my first official day there. But before I live there first the drain in the bathroom sink will need to be fixed. I did not have time today because I was cleaning the house: sweeping carpet, wiping surfaces of dust and grime, gathering junk into bags, that sort of stuff. Sister mine is not very tidy.

I was on my feet all day in miserable hot weather outside and a cool but dust-filled house inside. My head and legs were sore at the end of the day. Some holiday!

Anyway the house is now habitable, so I can move stuff in. I already moved some small appliances in there. Tomorrow comes bigger stuff, I hope.


I only got a two-and-a-half day holiday because I was busy moving computers from point A to point B. And tomorrow it only gets worse: eight computers are to come tomorrow, and I will have to set them all up in a conference room. This month brings a big change in one of the company's programs, and people have to be trained, hence the order for the eight computers.

Anyway, my future in the company looks good for the next six months. I anticipate a three-day course before the end of this year that will let me (at long last) to learn Lotus Domino and gain CLS certification. I also plan to try for CNA certification again.

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