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Early September 2002 Edition

Busy, busy, busy!

At work some department's program decided to spew error messages. Previous attempts last Friday to fix it have failed, so there was nothing for it but to call the technical support of the company that made the program five years ago. So far we've gotten past obvious causes of the problem.

Next I had to check on several people whose computers I installed or moved over the weekend. They are doing OK so far.

During lunch I went to Lowe's for what was supposed to have been a one-hour trip that turned into a two-hour excursion. Foo! Worse, the pull-down drapes I got custom-cut from there were a half-inch too short!

After that the new computers have arrived. Gateway for some reason decided a while back to imitate Dell's black matte casings. Having gotten Gateway's business catalogs, I've time to get used to them, while my co-workers have only now seen the new designs. They're not all that happy about them, especially the weird way the cases open.

After work I give the bathroom fixtures of the new place a final scrubbing. The folks moved an armchair into the living rooms. The cats are ecstatic! It looks like I will be there on a permanent basis tomorrow after I move most of my furniture. I'm sure the cats will be happy to have someone to bug in the evening, now that experts on academic torment are doing that to their mistress. :)

The bathroom sink drain is iffy, though. It does not look like it leaks when I run the water. I figure it won't as long as I don't run the water at full tilt.

I'm not sure I want to tackle the drain in any case, for it appears at first glance to be more complex than the one under the sink upstairs in my house. I may have to wait for Vickie (the certified book-editing and plumbing goddess) to finish her two or three editing jobs so that she can take a look at it.

The bathroom also gets warm and damp if you keep the door shut too long. The ceiling vent is not yet connected to the outside world, and won't be for another week or so.

Yet the house is now neat, dust-free and orderly. It even smells different inside. I'm not sure my sister and my niece Erin will be able to recognize it while they return for Museum Days.

sennott square

The University of Pittsburgh, Ms. Clarke's current employer, has just opened a new campus building, called Sennott Square.

The second floor of [the new building] is dedicated to the College of Business Administration, Pitt's undergraduate business college. Floors three and four are used by the Department of Psychology, while the fifth and sixth levels house the Department of Computer Science and a law clinic.

At this time allow me to extend my deepest sympathy to the hapless computer faculty and students.

The article also claims the building to be environmentally friendly. I am not convinced: To me "environmentally friendly" means the HVAC is well-maintained so that dust and mold spores are not pumped onto their victims.

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