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Year After The Attack Edition

It is one year after the Muslim attacks against New York City and the Pentagon building.

The fanatics who destroyed themselves with their victims should be roasting very nicely now in their new home.

The attack has brought about a love of our country, which we have taken for granted for a long time. This has been evident for the past year, and is now more than ever.

For those of you who find all this depressing: Hey, it's supposed to be depressing! Over three thousand people died in those attacks, and funereal is the whole point of this "holiday".

However, it has also made real a prediction made by the late Francis Schaeffer back in the 1970's. He said that we had become so accustomed to personal peace and affluence—which we have had for decades—that to maintain them we would give up our freedoms. This is exactly what has happened:

the Act of 26 October 2001
Also known as USAPA, it gives national police agencies greater powers of surveillance and arrest, with lesser judicial oversight.
Internal Security Department
Were it not for the exclusion of the FBI and CIA, this would be an exact copy of the old Soviet KGB.
detentions without trial
Hundreds of foreigners, mostly Muslims, jailed without trial or even legal representation.

the war on terrorism?

And the war on terrorism? What war? It's not a war unless we see the price inflation, the massive military buildup, the body bags, and the draft. There is no price inflation (except some for oil); there is no real military buildup; few people have died compared with other conflicts; and there is no draft. Life here is as it has been before the Muslim attack.

It is evident that journalists, academicians and politicians have far too much time on their hands.

While the Taliban are gone, we still have troops in Afghanistan; the new government is too shaky to stand unaided. Then there are our troops in Sa'udi Arabia—the reason Usama bin Laden and his network of terror exist in the first place.

the smile of Saddam

Then there is Saddam Hussein, the crafty bastisch who is the reason our troops are in Arabia at all. Sure, he is stupid: what else is someone who picks a fight first with Iran and then with the West? Sure, he is evil: he murdered thousands of his countrymen, including his closest associates, and laid waste the wetlands of the Shatt-al-Arab. But as long as you are ruthless and cunning, you can be as stupid and evil as you like. That's why Saddam has been in power for over twenty years. And that's why he will probably die a natural death, regardless of the puffings and blowings of the Son of Linguini Spine and his minions.

Also, his sudden demise will not mean we can pull our troops out of Sa'udi Arabia. There is no ordered succession of power in Iraq. If Saddam should die, Iraq will likely plunge into chaos. Then we will have to expand our troops just to maintain order in the region, further goading Muslim fanatics into greater follies of bloodshed.

Saddam will go into the Skank Pit with a smile on his face, knowing his work on Earth is done.

other stuff

The move to my sister's house is basically done. The bathroom sink drain is fixed. I am settled in with my clothes, my computer, and the major furniture. The house is cleaned and the wacko cats have adjusted to my presence.

My books are still in the other house, but they can make the trip a portion at a time. I need to sort through them, anyway, because I plan to donate some of them to the Bracken Library for the semi-annual book sale sponsored by the Friends of the Bracken Library.

Yesterday the weather was hot and dry, as it has been for months. This morning, though, I stepped out into blissfully cool air. This is such a good thing, because this summer has been so miserable.


I have said this earlier, but I thought it bears a repeat, since expert commentary has contradicted me. But then again, expert commentary does not live out here in farming country, as I do.

The corn and soybeans have been hit hard by this, as is obviously from driving down the county roads. When the harvest comes in this fall, the yield will be pretty bad, especially for corn. And because of this, your food prices will be going up, for a lot of food comes directly or indirectly (through animal feed and food additives) from corn and soybeans.

Addendum (12 September 2002)

In my copious free time, I have downloaded and studied the stats off my web site, as I have done some months back.

I found that while there seems to be a large percentage (5.6%) of 404's (web pages not found), if you leave out all the cracking attempts it falls to an acceptable 0.4%.

Many visitors get their Internet service from their phone companies, like I do. The big exception, Road Runner, sent the largest number of requests. The heaviest users (34% of data) come from Canada (greetings!), mainly from the Bell Canada Internet service Sympatico.

Naturally the all-site champion is the Caitlin Clarke Page with 91% of page requests and 64% of image pulls.

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