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Post Vacation 2002 Edition


The only thing I did of interest is to burn the trash left behind by the tourists from Museum Days, along with the first fallen leaves from the tree in back, which has just changed colors.


I went to Purdue University for a short visit. It was short because I brought just my checkbook, only to learn that outside the University Bookshop checks are no longer accepted.

I visited the computer science building. It is housed in a former gymnasium, and it looks as if every square foot of space is put to use.

There are plans for a new CS building to be built catty-corner from the current one. However, with the state in serious fiscal trouble, the university will not allow the department to begin building the place (which, judging from the architect's picture in the lobby, looks like a modernist eyesore) until it gathers enough money. Two years have past, and the department still does not have enough.


The people from the hardware store arrived this afternoon to install the outflow vent for the bathroom fan.

They did not want to put the vent through the roof, as my sister wanted, due to leakage. There are vents on the roof, but they are unreachable from the side attics. The only thing for it was to extend a vent pipe from the fan to the south upper wall and through a vent like that for a dryer. It works rather well, I think.


I went to Muncie and had lunch with an ex-employee from work. She is doing graduate work in geology, and is almost done with classes; after another semester, she can concentrate on her thesis.

Next I had an oil/lube job on my car at one place, then when to another to fasten down the exhaust pipe so it won't rattle when I start the car or change gears.

Before I returned to Muncie I stopped at Best Buy to some covers for the computer (the cats tend to dump cruft on them when they scratch), and left with two DVDs: Cowboy Bebop I and Now and Then, Here and There.


An auto glass guy came to refasten the gasket on the windshield, so the rain and snow will not leak in. That is a good thing, as the remains of Hurricane Lili visited this afternoon. After Lili the weather became pleasantly cool, as it was supposed to be all this week.


After sweeping the house, I decided to revisit Purdue and do some shopping at Von's. I bought Bendis' Goldfish and Sakai's Usagi Yojimbo: The Dragon Bellow Conspiracy at the comic shop.

Then at the book store I bought a whole bunch of cheap Dover-edition plays and a book on Stanislavski: Caitlin Clarke may not know much about computers and the Internet (and apparently not about e-mail), but I at least want to know something about stage acting and some of the plays she has done.


The last day: I watched DVDs all day, and washed the bed sheet. Not much of a day, I admit, except that the animé DVD Now & Then, Here & There is a frightening piece of work. Kidnapping, murder, brutality, madness, rape (implied) and child enslavement appear in this series about a kendô student whose attempt to save a strange girl leads him to the terrible military archology of Hellywood.

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