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Veterans Day 2002 Edition


We have had wet, gray and miserable weather these past several weeks, although one or two days have looked promising. Most of the trees are now variations of gold, red and brown; they look lovely even in gray foggy weather. The front maple tree still persists in being green, although during the past couple of days has it started dropping its leaves.

Friday the weather was sunny and warm—a good day to walk to lunch. The hoagie restaurant I eat at sometimes is on the other end of the downtown from where I work, so I get a lot of exercise by going there on foot to eat. Today is still sunny after a stormy, cool weekend, but it is colder.

Anyway, of the three trees in the back yard, the ash has shed all of its leaves already, and the two maples are almost done. They are the source of the sixteen bags of leaves I have already raked. I intend to let the town street department cart the leaves off instead of burning them because of a lack of time on my part.


As the weather gets colder, I have made the outdoor cat, Baby, spend its nights inside. As the alpha she-cat, Baby lords it over the other two cats, Isis and Thyme, and spends most of her time high on the glass bookcase in the back room, looking over her subjects.

I find that Baby can be very friendly, though she will nip when she is too wound up.

Isis is falling into her old habit of eating too much and then puking the excess. I am told that is because she eats grass, which 'cleans her out'. I just wish she would purge outside, where I would not have to step in it.

I have been letting Isis outside during days of milder weather. That way, Thyme has a better chance of eating than when her fatter, more aggressive sister is around. Thyme needs to be a little fatter; she is so skinny right now.


On Halloween week I set up and swapped eight computers, with the replacements using Windows 2000. Most of the affected computers were in the accounting department. Then I learned that a new way of setting up Windows 2000 has been made. That means I may have to reinstall the accounting machines again.

Last week was a treat, though, as I attended three days of classes at some posh office complex on Indy's north border. Well, it's 'posh' by my standards. What other office complex has a marble wall down which water falls into a deep pool? And I never before encountered lavatories where the fixtures have motion sensors, that let the water flow for you.

It almost makes one forget the reason for the visit, which was a three-day class in the fundamentals of designing documents in Lotus Domino, IBM's office communications software.

My company has been using Domino for a couple of years now, and has ported many of our programs into Domino applications. The three-day class I took teaches how to create such applications. This is a good thing for me because:

This is also a good thing for the company because:

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