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Mid-March 2003 Edition


This is the week when the weather turns from winter to spring. Monday started as bitter cold as it was during the past couple of months. The next day was warmer, and the following day warmer still. Today is an anomaly because the temperature went back to freezing, but tomorrow promises to break the 10°C barrier.

The best of all is the weekend, with temperatures in the 15°-20°C range! Spring at last!


I actually get to put to use what I have learned at that Lotus Domino class I was sent to last November. I have seven forms that need to be put on the company's Domino server as Notes documents.

Three of those forms must have sections that customers and workers can sign. For those with Notes client, this is not a problem, for Notes client can display and print what I want the document to look like. The problem comes with the branches, where mail and documents are viewed from Internet Explorer. Domino converts documents into Web pages, and does it minimally. The space that makes a document look good in Notes client disappears in a Web browser, and the form looks crummy.

In the end I have had to write the pen-to-paper parts of those forms in HTML, display them on a browser, and then cut-and-paste them into the document. After a little tinkering, the sections look adequate (but not really good) in both Notes and Web browser.


The prescription for metformin came in the mail Tuesday, and I got it filled almost at once.

I take a single metformin tablet twice a day, at breakfast and at dinner, with food. For the first couple of days there were no side-effects; then the GI roller coaster ride began. If I can hang on for a week, until my body adjusts to the metformin, I'll be OK.

I am supposed to get a diet plan with the prescription, but none has come yet. I am aware I can no longer drink Coke or any other sugary soft drink, nor eat any food laden with sugar. I have gone a week without Coke or Hawaiian Punch, and my weight has dropped from about 225 pounds (102 kg) down to 213 (96 kg 800).

I will ask about a diet plan when I visit the doctor's on Monday. While I am there, I will also ask how to make an appointment for more blood work, which I must have done six weeks hence. I'll see if I can have the work done on the last week of April (though that is a week later) to fall on my vacation.

Oh yeah, I can visit on Monday because I got the morning off. For now and the foreseeable future, I get time off instead of overtime for the one Saturday every month, when I am on call at the help desk.

frustration and idiocy: brothers in law

The Congress chopped the word "French" from its cafeteria menu, replacing "French fries" and "French toast" with "freedom fries" and "freedom toast". It was done in protest to France's efforts to block UN approval for an invasion of Iraq, where France has oil interests.

The French don't give kitty ditty. "French fries" came from Belgium, as they pointed out. And "French toast" was "German toast" before World War I.

This habit of removing an enemy's name from everyday life is as old as the Egyptians, who habitually rubbed out from walls and obelisks the names of those who fell out of favor with the state. The habit became popular in the twentieth century, especially in socialist countries and in the USA in times of war.

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