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Early April 2003 Edition

that bloody weather

Winter had decided to do a return engagement this past weekend. The air was cold; the wind was brisk; and the bright daffodils and hyacinths in my yard stood out in the bleak cloudy days. Today a freezing rain came down, and those same flowers were coated with ice. Amazingly most of them survived, and now it's just drizzling this evening.


On Saturday I attempted to install Windows XP on the Max computer. I call it that because it was originally used by an executive named Max at one of my company's northern branches.

This is an old Gateway GP5-200 in a desktop case, which I gutted one night and put an Asus motherboard with an AMD K62-550 processor and 384MB memory. This should have been enough for Windows XP, but evidently it caused the XP setup program to choke on memory management.

Oh, well. Thankfully Red Hat 9 is now available today for forty dollars (fifty if you count the shipping), so I bought that from the Red Hat site for Max. I have wiped and tested the hard drive, so that it will be ready when RH9 comes on Wednesday.

mailing list server

With the copy of Red Hat Linux 8, which was the operating system for Max, I plan to set up an old computer with a Pentium 300-MHz processor. I want to try something I promised to do for my sister Vickie last year after her troubles with her current mailing list provider.

This involves installing Red Hat 8 as a server, complete with the Apache web server, the Qmail SMTP server (no buggy Sendmail here!), the Mailman list server and the Python interpreter it needs.

the CC Page: a new introduction

It has been a long time since I wrote an introduction to this page. It's just that with her teaching job Ms. Clarke does not seem all that busy, although she has performed in two plays last summer and had a bit part in the movie Never Again. Also, I have been mulling how to redesign this site.

There is an article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from 9 February 2003 on Caitlin Clarke and her four sisters, with emphasis on Torie (the Pentagon spokesperson). You know, while you don't actually need to ask permission to link to another web page, I actually decided for once to do so with P-G to link to that article. That was a long time ago, and I now realize how stupid I was in doing that. The P-G is taking forever to respond, and you just don't do that with a simple request.

Anyway, I must assume after all this time that the P-G won't give me leave to link to that article. I also have no way of knowing how long that article will remain on the Web at its present address. I still remember how the Chicago Tribune article from 6 November 2001 about Torie Clarke (the one with the insulting reference to Ms. Clarke's career) disappeared into the paid archive section after only a week or two.

So I hit upon this idea of linking to the article indirectly via Goggle. I type the name of the article in the Google search engine, then copy the URL for the results into an anchor tag. That way, Google will update the link if the page is moved—or removed. I have tested the following link, and it works:

In search of the Clarke Sisters.

I doubt that I will be including that article on the Caitlin Clarke Page in the future, now that the P-G knows about this site. I have every reason to be … cautious, given how litigious big copyright holders are.

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