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Mid-April 2003 Edition

town hall meeting

I went to the town hall on Saturday to hear the state legislators for my area explain themselves. Well, the state senator, anyway: I guess when a state representative is elected unopposed, they don't really have to answer to their constituents, do they?

Anyway, the senator gave the six of us (four old men, a political science student, and I) who showed up a rundown of what the General Assembly is doing. In short:

the server Madoka

On Saturday morning I installed Red Hat Linux 9 (RH9) on the box called Max. When the install was complete the box became Madoka—the name I give all my Linux boxes over the years.

The biggest trouble I had with Linux boxes is with setting up their Internet access on my DSL line. After hours of struggle, I found that all I have to do is set the firewall to Medium setting. Setting the firewall to High cuts the box off from the Internet; setting it to None is asking for trouble.

The big experiment here is to see whether I can reach Madoka from my home box across the Internet. It will be a good thing if I can do this, because it gives me a theoretical base on which to build my sister's mailing list server.

Zone Computer Systems' new location.

zone computer rediscovered

I have at long last discovered the secret location of the new zone computer systems. Of course, the company doesn't mean to be secret, but it's such a hard place to find that it may just as well be so.

The company occupies the side and back of a small brick building on White River Boulevard, whose glass front room is home to an insurance agent.

easter week

For three and a half years Yeshua has been teaching, healing and proclaiming the coming of God's dominion on Earth. Now the time has for him to go to Jerusalem and complete his mission. He's been telling his followers how that mission will end. But they see Yeshua as a political deliverer, and the message does not sink in.

At Jerusalem their self-made illusions will be torn from them.

Yeshua gets a hero's welcome with palm branches strewn along his path into Jerusalem. During the week he teaches in the Temple grounds, where he angers the local leadership, whom he denounces as morally weak and venal. As Thursday evening marks the start of Passover, he gives the Passover meal to his followers and imbues the matzo and wine with new meaning.

Early the next day Yeshua is arrested, convicted of blasphemy in a night trial, and sentenced to death. At dawn the local leaders force the Roman governor to consent to Yeshua's execution. Yeshua is fastened to a cross at an execution ground just outside the city. At noon the sun is blocked out, and the onus of the whole human race is placed on Yeshua. Thus sacrificed, Yeshua dies in his aloneness three hours later.

A wealthy closet follower comes out, claims Yeshua's body, embalms it like a cocoon according to local custom, and lays it inside a rock tomb. The governor, at the behest of the local leaders, has the tomb sealed and guarded.

On the third day after Yeshua's death some of his followers come to the tomb to finish the embalming job. The guards have fled. The tomb is empty but for the discarded cocoon. And one of the women followers meets with Yeshua—alive and well.

This summarizes what is called Easter week: when Yeshua is killed, has risen, and will never die again.

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