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Mid-May 2003 Edition


The weather has been unusually cool for the past few days. It has also been cloudy; only from time to time does the sun peer out.

Now that the maple tree in front of the house has released its bounty of seeds, I have raked them out of the front yard. We are talking five grocery bags full of the seeds. At least my maple tree is not like the folks's, where the seeds seem to take root at once.


I don't watch TV all that often, so I did not realize the cable TV was knocked out by the Mother's Day storm until last Tuesday. I called my cable provider and reported the outage. A couple of days later the cable service was back up.

I will need to fill the hole where the tree stood, and plant some grass there. Then there will be one less obstacle for my lawnmower.

The dead tree nearby is now barkless for its first ten feet.


My brother made one of his infrequent visits to work on the van that he left in front of the garage. This time he used power tools that did not stress the circuit breakers. In the end the van is still there, but at least he knows why it won't start, so there will be another visit.

computer speed

I have a hard time making my folks understand what I shall tell you: You do not run dozens of programs on your computer, esp. in the background, and expect your computer to run as fast as it did when it came out of the box.

Sometimes, though, there are programs that you did not install on purpose, that run without your say-so. If you surf the Internet a lot, you will collect a lot of these quiet programs that tell others your surfing habits. These programs are called spyware, and not only are they a breach of your privacy but a drag on your machine. Programs like Ad-Aware remove them from your computer. You should install them and run them regularly, and use them in tandam with firewall and anti-virus software to keep your computer safe.

the matrix reloaded

When The Matrix was released back in 1999 I saw it at Muncie's Northwest Plaza. Now its sequel has been released and is in four of the seven screening rooms of the much larger and more modern Showcase Seven in Muncie. I saw it this past Saturday, and I am very impressed with it.

In The Matrix Reloaded Neo is treated as the savior of the human race, and Morpheus is still his prophet, and sometimes it all gets up his nose. We get to see the last city of Zion. We also get to see all the stuff the citizens of Zion lay at Neo's feet and in front of the door to his flat. Neo even gets his own brownnose. Boy, does he feel foolish. It makes him almost glad to be inside the Matrix again, where he can do his Superman thing.

But in the Matrix things get from bad to worse. The Oracle reveals that Neo must enter the Matrix's system core, where the Architect awaits. For that Neo needs to free the Keymaker, imprisoned by a powerful mafioso named Merovingian. With the Keymaker Neo must navigate a floor of a skyscraper rigged with explosives. Then there's Smith. You thought he was dead, didn't you? The Matrix regards him thus: no longer an Agent, Smith is without a purpose in life. He looks to Neo to give him one…him, his army of selves, and his very dry sense of humor.

Needless to say, there are lots more martial arts scenes.

I will not spoil the ending for those of you who have yet to see it, but I can say that at the end Morpheus is going to be very, very disillusioned. Oh, and the human race is staring extinction in the face, which will bring us to the final film in the Matrix series, due in November.

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