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Mid-August 2004 Edition

road trip

My sister Vickie flew to Seattle just before her birthday to visit friends. Then she went into the interior, where she joined my other Tina on the trip home after Tina's summer job with Geocorps came to an end.

My sisters just finished the trip across the country: from Washington State to Yellowstone to the Black Hills to Iowa (where Tina had to buy another car when the original one died) to back home again in Indiana.

my present job

The job is moving along just fine. I have managed to come to work on time and put in a lot of work in my four hours each day. I am still learning about Visual Studio .NET and its ASP.NET Mobile Controls — especially in the way it formats Web pages and communicates with IIS. Umm, I think I did mention this before. We will really need to deal with this problems soon if we are to build a decent Web site for mobile devices.

my car

The back wheels of the car are making loud noises. I checked the air in the tires (I have a new gauge), and put some air in the back two, which were underinflated. That didn't eliminate the noise. My next step is a visit to Indy Lube or Jiffy Lube to see if lubrication will fix the problem. The problem needs fixed because the car will get a real workout starting next week.

my coming classes

Fall classes at Ivy Tech are a week away. I already bought two of the textbooks I will need for public speaking and the two Cisco CCNA courses. The other two (for accounting and college orientation) won't arrive until this Friday.

I am looking forward to the Cisco classes; they look like fun, judging from the contents of the textbook. I am not as sure about the public speaking class. The textbook is a blend of tepid social mush and naivete. It is almost as if the authors, believing the USA has come to a point where there is little to define what is an 'average American', fear that students will start giving public speeches that will offend someone, somewhere in the world.

The prices for these textbooks are so painful. What book could possibly be worth a price of two hundred dollars?! It is a good thing I will get some of my money back when I sell back the books at the end of the semester.

my past job

I learned from my ex-employer's Web site that my old job was reopened last month. The position was redefined as 'help desk attendant' with a starting wage just less than I was earning just before I was given the boot. I ignored it: It's my policy never again to work for a company that fired me. Besides, I have a full plate as it is. These, however, don't keep me from wishing the best of luck to whosoever fills the job.

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