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Pre Fall Semester 2004 Edition

the classes that won't come

The day after I posted the last page, I got a call from my sister. The folks in the CIS department at Ivy Tech. The Cisco I/II classes were canceled; there were only three people who signed up. I was not happy: Those classes were the heart of my curriculum.

To salvage this, I tried to sign up for at least one of three classes, whose final exams would put me closer to MSCA certification. But those classes were full. So, I pulled out of the remaining classes. I will wait until after mid-October, when I will hear whether the Cisco I/II classes will be reoffered.

To replace them I am auditing an accounting class at Ball State. To audit a class is to attend lectures, to do assigned work and to take tests, but get no grade. You're just there to look over the class. In my class I'm there to get enough information to take a CLEP exam and test out of accounting at Ivy Tech.

The good thing about this is that the textbook is cheaper at Ball State than at Ivy Tech. I looked over the first chapter, and wrote my reaction. It is, of course, preliminary.

I've also signed up for a couple of PowerPig PowerPoint classes offered by the Technology Training office for BSU staff.


Students have been coming (or coming back for non-freshmen) all week long. They've been coming with their folks, moving furniture into their dorms. The streets have often been clogged with SUVs and trucks; it's been tough to cross the street. It's a foretaste of the school year to come.


I got the emulator working for the BlackBerry handheld computer/phone, which BSU is making available. I've already tried it on a version of the wireless test site written for more modern handhelds like the PocketPCs and BlackBerries. I had to tweak the title image, but apart from that it works OK.

With this out of the way I can concentrate on a couple of long-range tasks: A diagram of what the new wireless sight will look like, and a study of other wireless projects at Ball State. So far the only wireless project I could find was Digital Middletown; but I will look further Monday.

windows XP service pack 2

Microsoft has made the second service pack for Windows XP available for both developers and computer makers. Everyone and their second cousin is clogging the Microsoft site for it, so I went to Ars Technica to get mine.

The upgrade presented no problems apart from a brief tug-of-war with my ZoneAlarm firewall.

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