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Late August 2004 Edition

My work

All my assigned tasks are done. All status reports are finished. Even the binder is finished, complete with a decent title page on the front of the binder. Now I can work on the basic structure of the upcoming Web site. For this I have checked out the latest version of the book Information Architecture of the World Wide Web. I had the first edition, which I found unreadable; this version is well-revised.

It appears this project is the only one on campus that is doing Web-based wireless work. There are two other wireless projects, but neither are content-driven.

My car

For the past several weeks there has been a loud noise from the back of my car when I drive at speeds of 25 mph (40 kpm). The noise became too much of an annoyance, so I took the car to Miller Tire. The trouble was a worn-out ball bearing in the back right wheel. If memory serves me right, that was the problem the last time there was a loud noise from the back. The bearing was replaced, and the car rides quietly now.

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