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Late August 2005 Edition

I have been very busy this month.

I have proven useful to the University Libraries time and again. This is esp. true since I have substituted for the guy who manages the digital library collections while he was away. He will be coming back shortly. Until then I have done code fixes and helped restore a PowerPoint plugin that comes with the digital collections software and that was lost during an upgrade.

Because of my usefulness the Libraries will probably extend my position for another couple of months. I say "probably": I am not sure yet: and I do not subscribe to the non-Christian variety of hope that deludes itself into believing that things will get better. The position is very good to me, and it has restored my streak of good bosses after my last job.

I had to stand in line yesterday for a temporary parking tag, so that I can park in the general parking sections for the reminder of my position, which ends 30 August 2005. That took an hour out of my morning, forcing me to clock in late. I made up for that by forgoing my lunch break. That break is the only time I had to get up and exercise, even if only for a half hour. As a result, I woke up this morning with a painful lower back.

I had hoped that the string of hot days would end with a cool rainy day last week. No such luck, but another series of cool days are coming. Let's hope it lasts.

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