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Mid-March 2007 Edition


The weather has been reminding us all that, even though it is March, it is still winter until this coming Wednesday. The week before last was pleasant; then came last week, which was cold, wet or both. This week promises to feel as much the true start of spring as it will be in fact.

Nonetheless the piles of snow from last month's blizzard, which never seem to go away, have finally melted away. With the snowmelt gone we will not hear so much of flooding.

Home Box

I wrote that my home box Madoka was behaving itself in a previous entry. I spoke too soon, as the spontaneous reboots returned. Having had enough, I reopened the box, removed the cooling fan from on top of the processor, reseated the processor, applied a new coat of thermal goop, and reattached the cooling fan.

Now Madoka is behaving herself. SimCity 4 does not crash the system after an hour of simulation. I can play Doom 3 again, and not see the game crash after the introductory cutscenes.

A good thing about Madoka is that it is a smaller, faster computer than any other I have owned and/or built (and I have had at least a half dozen since 1989). It is even faster than my computer at work.


St. Patrick's Day has come and gone. It fell on a Saturday, so Friday I wore a green tie and socks. I am usually not so formal as to wear a tie to work; but the tie is the only item in my wardrobe that is green. I tend towards blues, blacks and earth colors as well as white: The only bright colors are in my T-shirts.

Last week was Spring Break for the students, but not for me. I had several projects that needed to be worked on. One was updating the iMacs and iBooks for the early daylight saving time. Once I got that done, Apple releases an update to Mac OS X itself! Sigh. It will have to wait until the semester is over.

Then there is the digital commons project. I have been given a list of things to fix in the Web Repository. I got that out of the way.

I had hoped to make laptop printing to the public printers available before Spring Break was over. But the way the cheaper package for laptop printing works involves a remote, non-University server. The higher-ups object to remote servers for security reasons, even if the print jobs are encrypted. So I wait until we can get the more expensive onsite package.

That leaves the negative response log, which I want to convert to MySQL. If I can get that to work, I will plan to convert the Web Repository to MySQL as well.


I seem to have developed a few habits that even five years ago I would never have imagined myself having. I can thank cable TV for a couple of habits.

I have developed an interest in tricked-out cars. I watch Pimp My Ride whenever it is on (MTV is mercurial in its programming). I liked The Fast and the Furious and its sequel. I can see how people enjoy the thrill of flying down the streets with their cars snorting N2O. But, regrettably, it is not for me. I am not going to start tricking out my Aspire. I spend enough money just maintaining it: So much so that I get ribbed for pampering my car.

My discovery of SOMA FM has introduced me to downtempo music through one of its streams. I just bought an album of one of the bands that is featured on SOMA. It's too bad that the band is now defunct, but it had a very good run after a decade and three albums.


Oh, yeah, TextPad came out with a version 5.0. And, unlike the previous transition from 3.0 to 4.0, there is nothing radical I need do except just install it. The changes are mostly cosmetic, but were forced to make TextPad compatible to Vista.

Copyright © 2007 by Andy West. All rights reserved. Written on 18 March 2007.