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May Day 2007 Edition


I am on vacation this week. As it is right in the middle, I will not go into it for awhile yet.


I did get the wireless laptop printing project finished after I worked with PrinterOn tech support to iron out some bugs. I am getting good reports about the service so far. There is a problem with the inability to print documents from Office 2007 apps, but PrinterOn is working on this, I am told.

Last week I managed to clean off my desks and get any remaining loose ends tied up before I left. I left instructions on what to do with the printers and the iMacs during my absence.


The weather is agreeable this week, even though I find it rather warm. A cold front is coming, though, so the weather will cool down enough for my own comfort. This is good because I am going to Purdue later this week.

state legislature

As the Democrats had taken over at least one house of the General Assembly (GA), I did not expect much to be done this year. And I was right.

Things got done in the GA as much as they did because the governor kept his mouth shut during most of the session, even when his political babies (the privatizations) got put to sleep. He kept outside debacles (like the Ivy Tech president scandal) from interfering with the session.

The House Republicans are pissed off because the property tax increase (which they opposed) actually passed while the rebate (which they regard as laughable) got deferred to some future while earning interest for the state. But the ones who are even more pissed off are the libraries. INCOLSA's rainy-day fund for some reason made legislators screech like rhesus monkeys on crack. As a result most of the services (such as ILL and INSPIRE training) that INCOLSA provides will be surrendered to the Indiana State Library (ISL). This may prove the undoing of unified services among Indiana public libraries because, while INCOLSA is a voluntary organization, ISL is not but a state bureaucracy; and if ISL proves inefficient in how it handles its newly-acquired services, public libraries (esp. the smaller ones like Fairmount's) may well pull out.

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