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New House 2007 Edition

This past Friday I bought the house.

At the Bank in Marion I signed a lot of papers taking out a thirty-year mortgage to purchasing the small bungalow on the corner of Fourth and Buckeye. The closing costs and down payment took a large chunk out of my savings, but that is why it's there. The closing was almost delayed because I forgot to inquire about homeowner's insurance. I called my insurance agent and took out one; I will get a discount on my car insurance.

I met the gentleman who was selling the house at the closing. He is moving into a home vacated by his mother; she in turn has moved to an assisted-living flat. He told me that the neighbors have given him no problem. The ones I saw on my walks past the house seem okay. One of them is a policeman in Marion. Another works as my insurance agent's secretary. Then there is the house across the street, which I wanted to buy until I found it was too expensive. Finally, there is a car parts yard nearby; this in turn used to be a lumber yard when I was a teen; its presence is why Third Street does not extend to Elm Street.

The gentleman will move within thirty days, but he tells me that it will take only a couple of weeks. He will let me know when he is ready to turn over the keys to me. At this point I will request a week's vacation at work to devote to the move. The utilities will also be transferred to my name: electricity, water/sewage/trash and the rented water heater.

First I have to prep the house, mostly cleaning surfaces, soaking faucets in CLR to get the scale out of them, and deciding where the computer is going so that I can route a phone wire to it. Then comes the move itself. I do not have a lot of furniture, most of which is going into the living room or bedroom. I have a lot of books, but most of those are going upstairs, which will become in part a library. After I get settled in, I get a cat from Tina.

Apart from the repairs to one window upstairs and to the top of the chimney, the only major expenses I can think of is the purchase of new bookshelves for the upstairs, and the purchase of a new hand mower for the lawn.

Copyright © 2007 by Andy West. All rights reserved. Written on 27 May 2007.