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The Dysmey Post Archive
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This is the archive of entries of the first Dysmey Post (1999-2007). It started during the time I worked as help-desk attendant for some bank in Muncie, when Caitlin Clarke does a stint in the Broadway musical Titanic.

The bank's computer services department fell apart, and the Caitlin Clarke Page began to be noticed on the Internet.
The bank rebuilt its computer services department; Caitlin Clarke returns home as I make first contact with one of her relatives; and (in the eyes of many people) an election gets stolen.
The year started off with a new president. It ended with a loss of liberty after Muslims attacked New York and the Pentagon. To top that off came the sad news that Caitlin Clarke had cancer.
For my job it was the beginning of the end. However, I paid off my car loan; got a broadband line; found that Caitlin Clarke was back at work in two plays; and started managing my sister Tina's house while she studied for her doctorate at IU.
At my job I sank lower and lower until the bank at long last kicked me out. By the end of the year I was glad it was all over.
The good: I got a job at the Bracken Library that I actually love.
The bad: We've elected ὁ πλάνος for another four years.
The worst: Caitlin Clarke died of cancer.
My Bracken job has blossomed into a salaried position! The rest of the country is not so lucky with a protracted Muslim war and the destruction of New Orleans.
The year has been good for me. For everyone else there's more poverty, more unstable employment, more political corruption, less freedom, an endless worsening foreign war; and, in the end, political paralysis as the Democratic party wins back Congress. Okay, may that last part is not so bad after all.
I move into a home of my own with a large cat. I also build my new Windows XP computer as a small box, as well as a much smaller Linux box.

Copyright © 2006 by Andy West. All rights reserved. Written on 20 July 2005. Updated 1 February 2008.