A CBS Series.
The Clown Prince Is Indisposed
Broadcast 30 April 1982
Ms. Clarke as Kelly O'Neill.
Steve Allen as Barney Ambler.

A television host is admitted to a hospital, whose staff is too cracked up by his comedy to notice that he has turned his room into a private office — complete with piano!

The Equalizer

A CBS Series.
Broadcast 12 February 1986
Ms. Clarke as Jessie Moore.

A little girl asks private detective Robert McCall (the title character, played by Edward Woodward) to protect her mother Jessie from her violent father, who has just been released from prison.


An ABC series.
Sam & Dave
10 February 1987
Maddie's Turn to Cry
3 March 1987
Ms. Clarke as Elaine Johnson

In this two-parter, Maddie and Sam stake out a married man (played by Gary Cole) suspected of cheating on his mistress Elaine (sounds odd?).

The Saint

A CBS pilot program.
12 June 1987
Ms. Clarke as Lily Palmer/Jessica Daniels

Broadcast as part of the CBS Summer Playhouse, in which Leslie Charteris' character moves to Manhattan and aids an old friend in trouble. I do not much remember the plot except that Ms. Clarke's character was pointing a gun at Simon Templar near the end of the show. Templar didn't die but the pilot did.

The irony of all this is that I did watch this show but never realized that Ms. Clarke was in it! :-O

Once A Hero

An ABC Series.
Saturdays 8:00pm on ABC, September-October 1987
Ms. Clarke as Emma Greely

Comic-book hero Captain Justice is forced to enter the 'real world' when sales of his comic book decline, thereby threatening him and his world with extinction. The Captain and his pal Gumshoe seek to convince the world, and his aging creator, to believe in him again.

Due to shake-ups in the DC and Marvel comics roster and the discovery of independent comics and manga—with their more realistic plots and characters—this series did not latch with comic book fans, its intended audience. That, and the series tried to be campy but wound up stilted.

It is a puzzle why Ms. Clarke took the role in the first place.

Anyway, for more on Once a Hero, visit this review.

The Mayflower Madam

A CBS Movie
15 November 1987
Ms. Clarke as Virginia
Candace Bergman as Sydney Biddle Barrows

The story of New York socialite Sydney Biddle Barrows, who during the early 1980's ran an escort service (upper-class prostitution ring) and barely escaped prosecution when she was caught because her clientele was too prominent to risk exposure.


A CBS Series
The Witness
2 January 1990
Ms. Clarke as Sandra Townsend

The eyewitness to a murder is a sharp-minded lawyer…who happens to be the real murderer. Ms. Clarke's name was misspelt in the credits as Caitlin Clark.

Love, Lies and Murder

A CBS(?) movie
17 February 1991
Ms. Clarke as Sandra Eden

A young woman is shot to death in her sleep. What looked like an open-and-shut murder case is slowly revealed to be a twisted tale centered around the victim's husband—a treacherous, manipulative man who got his sister-in-law to kill his wife, then got his daughter from a previous marriage to take the rap.

Ms. Clarke plays Brown's first wife, who is shrewd enough to see through Brown's vile charm but powerless as her daughter talks her way into jail.

Gabriel's Fire

An ABC series
One Flew Over The Bird's Nest
17 April 1991
Ms. Clarke as Dr. Jennings
James Earl Jones as Gabriel Bird

Bird, an ex-cop turned convict turned investigator for the lawyer who overturned his sentence, infiltrates a psychiatric hospital, where the doctor played by Ms. Clarke runs interference for her incompetent mentor. (Too many patients wind up in the morgue, evidently.)

Northern Exposure

A CBS Series
Only You
30 September 1991
Ms. Clarke as Dr. Irene Rondenet

The Optomobile rolls into the town of Cicely, Alaska, and it's time for the townspeople to get their eyes checked. Optometrist Dr. Rondenet tells Maggie (Janine Turner) that she has presbyopia (farsightedness), which normally occurs in middle age; this makes Maggie believe that she's getting old. Meanwhile, Dr. Rondenet bruises the ego of local DJ and babe magnet Chris because she is not attracted to him.

The Cosby Mysteries

An NBC Series
Our Lady of Cement
28 September 1994
Ms. Clarke as Roberta Ressler
Bill Cosby as Guy Hanks

A mummified corpse is dug up in an apartment block during renovation, and detective Guy Hanks is called in when the corpse is found tied to a case Hanks worked on over twenty years ago.

It may seem odd for comedian Bill Cosby to play a detective if you don't know that he started out on TV playing one in the 1960's series I Spy.

New York Undercover

A Fox Series
Downtown Girl
4 May 1995
Ms. Clarke as Judge Owens

An upwardly mobile young attorney is found strangled, and … the finger points to a web of mafia money laundering at one of the city's most prominent law firms. (From the synopsis at the web site of Wolf Films, which gives us Law & Order).

Kiss and Tell

A CBS Movie
15 January 1996
Ms. Clarke as Karen Wallace

A woman with mental problems discovers that her hubby and his mistress are out to kill her, but nobody can see past her illness to believe her.

This film is not related to two other films with the same name: a 1997 A&E/LWT film staring Daniel Craig about an obsessively disturbed detective given one last chance to solve a mystery; and a whacked-out 1999 film about murder, performance art, and carrots, starring Heather Graham and Rose McGowan.

The Stepford Husbands

A CBS Movie
14 May 1996
Ms. Clarke as Lisa Hemmick

The old suburban horror film The Stepford Wives gets a sex change operation in this film about a couple who find the men of the town they recently moved to are too good to be true.

Law and Order

An NBC Series
5 February 1997
Ms. Clarke as Dorning's attorney

A young woman is driven off a bridge to her death. Nobody wants to come forth with what they saw, and the detectives figuratively have to draw teeth. Dorning is the man who paid the thug (the 'menace' of the title) to rough up the girl, who was blackmailing Dorning's father.

Guiding Light

A CBS Serial
12 February 1999
Ms. Clarke as Mrs. Paige

I would never have thought I would find Ms. Clarke on a soap opera, but there she was, listed in a soap-opera web page as playing a psychic.

Law and Order

A NBC Series
14 April 1999
Ms. Clarke as Miss Walsh (Andrew Hampton's attorney)

A newspaper columnist is shot. Suspicion falls first on Franchetta, a man the columnist helped land in prison two decades ago, then on the Hamptons—the son and daughter of a woman for whose murder Franchetta went to jail. (Hint: Franchetta was not the murderer.)

Law and Order

A NBC Series
24 May 2000
Ms. Clarke as Linda Walsh

A wealthy woman is taken to the hospital in a coma. At first it looks like an assisted suicide. Deeper digging reveals a more sordid, kinky explanation. Then there's the woman's daughter, a failed publisher, who gets the bulk of the woman's estate if she dies. Ms. Clarke's role as the daughter's lawyer gets a full name.

Sex and the City

An HBO Series
Are We Sluts?
16 July 2000
Ms. Clarke as Uptight Woman

HBO's series that reveals the hidden truths about sex and contemporary relationships with four female proactive heroines. The hidden truth, from what I have read, is that sex seems to be in short supply for these four.

Ms. Clarke's character has every reason to be uptight—the latest visitor of Sam, the randiest of the four women, unintentionally let a violent burglar into their apartment block.

Ms. Clarke also appeared in FEDS, a five-week spring 1997 series on CBS; and in one episode of Dellaventura, a detective series on CBS during the fall of 1997 where appeared other cast members of the play Titanic: A New Musical.