Caitlin Clarke Memorial Scholarship

Devoting her life to her craft to the very end, Caitlin Clarke sent her final years teaching drama to secondary school students at the the Pittsburgh Musical Theater's Richard E. Rauh Conservatory, dedicated to providing high quality training in dance, acting, voice and musical theater studies in a safe, supportive, professional atmosphere. After Caitlin Clarke passed away, her family established a scholarship fund with the PMT in her memory.

The Caitlin Clarke Memorial Scholarship has been awarded every other summer to a high-school junior in the metropolitan Pittsburgh area, who wants to pursue an education in musical theater through the Young Performers Institute at the Rauh Conservatory. Awards have been given to Nick Bell of Quigley Catholic High School in Baden, Pennsylvania, in 2005; and to Mary Ours of Beaver Falls High School in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania in 2007.

However, there had been no record of a Caitlin Clarke Memorial Scholarship awarded in 2009. There was no record of the Scholarship on the PMT or Rauh Web sites. I had contacted Rauh via e-mail on 15 September 2009 to learn whether the Scholarship still existed. I received no answer. It is now safe to assume, as of 2013, that the Caitlin Clarke Memorial Scholarship no longer exists.

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