Caitlin Clarke on the Web

Back in 2007 I used Google and what was once Teoma to search the Web for information on Caitlin Clarke. I have found a lot of good stuff about her that way.

Even now, in 2011, more than half a decade after her death, Caitlin Clarke still dominates search results on both Google and Bing.

british clarkes

I have also found other Caitlin Clarkes as well. Our Caitlin Clarke ruled over the Google and Teoma listings; but among the others two really stand out:

Both women were born before Dragonslayer was released, so Ms. Clarke did not contribute to their naming. However, I have found at least one couple out there who have named a daughter Caitlin because of the film and its heroine.

kate clarke

There is also another Kate Clarke, who is also an actress: In 2007 she was best known for her lead role in the 2001 film Playground Girls. Since then Kate Clarke has gotten plenty of good roles, as shown on her own Web site. She comes from Minnesota and is not related to Caitlin Clarke.

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