Personal Addresses

My reasons for why you will not find personal addresses here is a long one, so it deserves a section of its own.

It is human nature that people go wacko. Given a bright enough flame, the wackos become moths and seek to destroy themselves in the flame. If the moths are in luck, the flame will die along with them.

If you work on the stage or in front of a camera, you are a flame. There are moths out there. If you have a gram of common sense, you do not attract the moths/wackos by broadcasting where you can be directly reached. That's why agents exist: One of their purposes is to keep the moths away from the flame once he/she becomes bright enough to be noticed.

It may well have been possible to discover her address and phone number using one of many address databases on the Internet. And I did find Ms. Clarke's home address when she was in Pittsburgh. However, why would I publish it? Regardless of what the press says about the (lack of) rights of public figures, Ms. Clarke has as much as a right to a private life as you and I.

Ms. Clarke did not even have an e-mail address until she returned to Pittsburgh in 2000. She had at least two addresses, one for the University of Pittsburgh when she did part-time work for its Theater Arts department; and a private address, first on HotMail, then on Yahoo.

I figured that Ms. Clarke was computer-literate enough to use e-mail. But I never published any of the addresses I knew about for the same reason I would not have published her physical address. Regretably, Ms. Clarke's fellow alumnae at Mount Holyoke weren't quite as shy; I had to berate the manager of the alumnae Web site for publishing her e-mail address on the Web; and I'd have been surprised if she didn't drown in spam because of that indiscretion.

Not that it mattered. I tried without success to contact her via e-mail. After her death I learned why: Caitlin Clarke never answers her e-mail. Even friends and relatives rarely got replies to their messages. I can only conclude that if she had any major flaws, one of them is technical cluelessness.

In earlier versions of this page I had posted the address of Ms. Clarke's two agents at Interational Creative Management. But I tried contacting them, too. One no longer worked at ICM, and the other did not respond. I had to assume that Ms. Clarke had no agent since 2000, when she returned to Sewickley.

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