Sewickley, the home town of Caitlin Clarke, is a lovely well-to-do bedroom village of 3900 people, located along the Ohio River twelve miles northwest of downtown Pittsburgh. Its name means "sweet water" in some American Indian tongue.

The village sports many hugh two- to three-story residences from the late nineteenth century, as well as such landmarks as the Sewickley Public Library, within its single square mile.

The town was originally land given to soldiers of the Revolutionary War in lieu of wages in worthless 'continental' scrip. The land was lightly settled until 1851, when the Ohio and Pennsylvania Railroad laid track along the river to connect the area to Pittsburgh. Business people looking to get out of the congestion of Pittsburgh came in droves. Sewickley was incorporated in 1853, and first mapped out in 1856.

Sewickley is a borough with its own mayor and borough council, who work inside a impressive Municipal Hall. It has four parks, including the large War Memorial Park; and two outdoor events, the Harvest Festival every September and the Halloween Parade.


A Personal Note

The author of this page lives in a town where a film actor spent his teenaged years during the late 1940's and where he is now buried. The town is rather off the beaten path, yet large numbers of his fans still come to visit his grave and the town museum, which is largely devoted to him.

It's quite possible that, for some reason, Caitlin Clarke may develop a following of her own: Fans who will travel far and wide to visit her resting place and then wander through Sewickley. Will Sewickley adapt to such visitation as my home town has?


Izumiya, a Japanese supplier of bottled mountain spring water, uses "Sewickley" as its brand name because of its translation as "sweet water".

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