First here is a little background: the Sundance Institute Summer Filmmakers Lab helps directors create videotape drafts of potential feature films. One such video created in 1989 would be the seed for the 1991 feature film Impromptu about the relationship between pianist Frédéric Chopin and novelist George Sand. The video featured Ms. Clarke as George Sand with Paul McGann as Chopin.

Ms. Clarke and Paul McGann would later work in separate television films that would compete in the same time slot on 14 May 1996: Ms. Clarke in Stepford Husbands, Mr. McGann in Doctor Who (as the eighth Doctor).

Cast and crew of 'Impromptu' during summer of 1989.

This photograph includes most of the Impromptu cast and crew: (left to right) cameraman Neal Brown, Drea Hoffmann, director James Lapine, Steve Jankowski, Caitlin Clarke, Paul McGann, Sam Dunn, Elizabeth Berridge, and an unidentified crew member.

The author wishes to thank Sam Dunn for the kind gift of this photo.

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