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Pledge Drive

The last day of the month was also the last day for the IPR spring pledge drive. I did only two hours the previous Saturday because there were more than enough people answering phones. It is true this Saturday as well, with all those students from the Indiana Academy, but I stayed anyway. When I was not taking pledges, I read a spare copy of the NPR classical music guide while the students discussed Harry Potter and came to the rapturous conclusion that Ron (friend of Harry) and Dumbledore (headmaster) are the same person — something to do with time travel.

I must admit, that I got some calls from interesting donors. Hopefully the employees of the Academy Of Model Aeronautics were generous in their pledges. But I don't think the bank will match any donations (I don't remember it ever doing so when I worked for it).

I was given leave to go early. I stopped by the library, learned that the print release station in the Architecture Library bit the dust this morning, went over there, and turned it on. It came up just fine. I have no idea what that was about.

Anyway, it is the last time I will be taking pledges from Studio B in the Ball building. This coming month IPR will move into the new, glass-fronted Communications building that has been built connecting the Ball (teleplex) and Bell (math/computer science) buildings.

After a stop at Miller Tire to get my car an oil change, I went to the Olive Garden for one of those delicious meals that left me so full that I napped for the next several hours after I got home. It was a good day, and the discovery that Pimp My Ride returns this week caps it off.

A good day overall.

Posted on the Dysmey Blog on 1 May 2007.