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Weather: For April it has been very cold. In fact it snowed yesterday such that I could see the white stuff on some surfaces outside. It has been cold and wet for most of the past week. This continual cold is thrashing the crops out in the fields; expect high prices for your food, folks, esp. with this stupid ethanol craze eating up a lot of available corn.

Town: The local video rental store has closed due to illness of its owner. The store sold off its DVD collection; I bought two titles I previously rented from there (Aeon Flux and Resident Evil: Apocalypse). Still, it is too bad that the store is closing; it has been with us for years, and we can't really afford to lose a downtown retailer.

Library: The grant application for funding for a new town library has been submitted. Now we wait until next month to learn whether we can buy and remodel the building next door to the current library. In the meantime a book sale is coming this Saturday.

Work: At the Ball State libraries I got four public printers prepped for wireless laptop printing. I want to get these up and running, as well as finish up some other projects, before my vacation this coming May.

Posted on the Dysmey Blog on 15 May 2007.