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Laptop Printing

The struggle for wireless laptop printing is nearing completion.

What had started last year, when some student tried to print directly to one of the public printers, has now reached the point where students and staff are testing wireless printing from laptops. This also works from our iMacs and iBooks, which have had printing problems of their own.

I myself found that VendPrint, the people who provide us with the software to control printing to our public printers, also make available the means to printing from laptops via the wireless network. The product they provided, PrintWhere, is in fact a rebranding of a product called PrinterOn.

The short version of this tale is that after passing through many hurdles from official approval to encryption problems, we now have five of the public printers ready for testing from laptops via wireless connection. If everything works as intended the University Libraries will have laptop printing by Finals week.

It is a good thing to start my vacation (on Finals week :) ) on a high chirp.

Posted on the Dysmey Blog on 19 May 2007.