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Vacation I

This week is my first week-long vacation this year. The weather is proving to be agreeable if rather warm. And I get to view the town in its workweek face, seeing people I do not normally see because they are out when I am at work in Muncie. I visited the main Marion branch of what I call the Bank. I used to work there; I worked in its IT department for eight and a half years; that's as much as I am willing to admit on a blog. Anyway, I told the loan counselor what I intended to buy and how much I earned last year; and got a whole ream of papers to sign and initial, stating my intent to buy a house and affirming that my financial info is true. I should hear from the Bank in a couple of days or so. Today I visited my doctor; walked around town and saw people I normally would not see during a workday; and bought a public library access card. I also took a look at the house I wanted to buy and began to realize that it was a little much for me. Well, at least the one across the street, which is also on sale and which I first looked it, is a better value.

Posted on the Dysmey Blog on 1 June 2007.