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Vacation: Day Trip

Today is Caitlin Clarke's birthday. This would be her fifty-fifth. Happy birthday, Katie. There will be a tradition meal in your honor: It was a steak dinner until all the decent local steakhouses closed: Now it is a meal at the Olive Garden. Updates to the gallery on the CC Page will be up by the end of this week.

Yesterday I took a day trip to Purdue University.

Purdue Campus from CS Building, May 2007.

First I stopped at the SAS store in Lafayette to get some new shoes. Then at Purdue itself I got a day pass for the A parking spots, but not before almost getting into a verbal swordfight with the clerk over what constitutes a Grant Street Garage (to me it's the one on Grant and Wood, where I always parked -- I did not noticed there was one near the Union). In the end I parked in the Visitors Center garage.

The high point of my tour was a visit to the new Computer Science building. The old CS building was a converted gymnasium that was too small for the department. The new building is a new-style building that is as ugly as it gets, but is very spacious. It has a two-story commons area, a snack bar, and several large labs and server rooms. And it has a open-air balcony on the third floor with a view of the university.

Later I took a walk around the south campus and saw the statuary in front of Lynn Hall, where the veterinary school is. The bronze statues are interesting, esp. the horse (skeletal), pig (circulatory) and cat (nervature).

Finally I visited Von's but only bought one book this time. I guess I spent enough money already.

Posted on the Dysmey Blog on 3 June 2007.