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Work … and closer to a house.

The weather is perfect today: cool.


I am working on the second edition of the library's Web Repository, a compilation of Web links for research. I am porting the Repository's database from Microsoft Access to MySQL, as well as making it easier to use.

I had thought this morning that I was almost done with the database port. I did not realize a query into the Web Repository did not give me complete results until my boss asked how it was that we only had a third of the links we received in the beginning. Now I had to do the database work all over again. Well, the main data table is finished; the smaller tables can be finished tomorrow morning; and the database will be ready for testing by the end of the day.

A big problem is the handling of quotes (", '). These are used to enclose text in comma-separated value records, but which quotes are used depends on the database program. Access uses double-quotes; MySQL uses single-quotes. But both types of quotes are found in the texts themselves. I fixed this by removing double quotes outright and changing single quotes to the Unicode closing single quote, which can't be mistaken for a single quote in either database.

Being the Mac tech at the library brought me a special reward yesterday: a Macbook. :-)) It isn't mine, of course; but I get to work on it and use it. And I will use it a lot after the Web Repository work is done.

New House Pending.

I sent an e-mail to my realtor asking on progress with the house I plan to buy. I got the reply this morning: The appraisal, pest inspection and house inspection are already complete. I drove to Gas City on the way home to visit the realtor and talk with the guy who did the house inspection.

The only things wrong with the house are the chimney, the back gutter and the east window upstairs.

The inspector also tried to examine the crawlspace, but the entry was too small and the furnace ductwork got in the way. There were also various small, reparable defects. All and all the house checks out.

The pest inspection reported an infestation of carpenter ants was stopped last year. It recommends yearly inspection.

It looks like closing can take place before the end of next week.

Posted on the Dysmey Blog on 16 June 2007.