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A New House

This past Friday I bought the house. At the Bank in Marion I signed papers (lots of them!) taking out a mortgage and purchasing the small bungalow on Fairmount's northeast side. The closing costs and down payment took a large chunk out of my savings; but that was what the savings were for, so I don't mind. The closing was almost delayed because I forgot to inquire about homeowner's insurance. I called my insurance agent and took out one; I will get a discount on my car insurance. The gentleman from whom I bought the house is moving into a home vacated by his mother, who in turn has moved to an assisted-living flat. He told me that the neighbors were okay. The ones I saw on my walks past the house seem okay. One of them is a policeman in Marion. Another works as my insurance agent's secretary. Then there is the house across the street, which I wanted to buy until I found it was too expensive. Finally, there is a car parts yard nearby; this in turn used to be a lumber yard when I was a teen; its presence is why Third Street does not extend to Elm Street. The gentleman has thirty days to move, but he tells me that it will take only a couple of weeks. He will let me know when he is ready to turn over the keys to me. At that time the utilities (electric, water/sewage, and water heater) will be switched over to my name. The telephone service will also be switched. In the meantime I will have to plan (1) how to prepare the house for my arrival, (2) how to move my stuff into it, and (3) how to move myself in.

Posted on the Dysmey Blog on 27 June 2007.