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The house: part the second.

The house is now mine! I got the keys after I came home from work — much to my amazement, because I had expected him to deliver them after the closing on his new house was finalized this Thursday or Friday. But when I came home I found all the keys on a single key ring with a tiny little bow on the fob (put there by Madre). This kind of speeds up my schedule. I did not expect to start preparing my house until this weekend. Now I have a series of evenings in which to get the house ready. I will have to call the town clerk to have the water moved to my name; I already took care of the electricity and will need to talk to whoever rents out the water heater. I looked over everything in the house. It is remarkably clean and neat. The kitchen has a cabinet as well as the appliances, which are in good working order. The bathroom is in good shape, although the shower stall needs a good scrubbing. I examined the ceiling lamps to see if they will accommodate twisty bulbs. I also measured the closet to see if I get an organizer for it. I had hoped to run a telephone cord along the edge of the carpet in the living to the space below the stairs; but the carpet is bonded to the floor and will not budge. I will have to find another way to run the cord. I tried to pull the weeds, but they are too big and too firmly rooted for mere manual removal. I will get something to pull them out. The shed is now empty. The swing is gone, as is the tire rim and the bricks behind the shed. A neighbor wants the wood in back, too; and I will let him have it. It is hard to believe that the house is really mine. It will take awhile to get used to this.

Posted on the Dysmey Blog on 4 July 2007.