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The house: part the third.

I don't know about the electricity, but the water heater is now taken care of after I spoke with the guy at AWHR this morning. I also spoke with the town clerk about my water hookup, but was told that either I had to show up in person or get a proxy to show up, and to pay a deposit to keep the water to the house running. The proxy was Madre; I paid her back after I got home from work. During lunch I went to the UPS Shop to get some boxes; and to Lowe's to buy some CLR (decalcifying fluid), a twisty light bulb and an aerator for the kitchen faucet. The aerator did not fit; it was too big; and I was told it would be better just to replace the faucet. I had better luck with the twisty bulb: It does fit inside a ceiling lamp. And it is only 13W for the light of a 60W incandescent bulb. I will be well worth the expense to buy six more of them. I also brought an electrical outlet tester I bought at Radio Shack. The outlets were three-prong, but evidently they were grounded wrong, because the tester reported negative polarity, meaning the ground wire was hooked up wrong. Tonight after work I was visited by my sister Vickie, for whom I gave a tour of the house. She was amazed by how lumpy the floors were, by the discovery that the stairs were slanted (I hadn't noticed myself) and by how many electrical outlets were upstairs (nine). Then the other sister, Tina, showed up looking for Vickie. She also got the tour, and made the same comments as Vickie on the floor and the stairs. Then Padre insisted that the rocked chair the folks bought at an auction for my house be taken there now. Evidently he wanted a tour as well. Madre and Vickie bought some house-warming stuff for the house, so I took those, too. Padre got his tour of the house after we brought in the chair. His complain was that the house was overly warm and needed a fan. (Actually, the house will cool down if all the windows were open.) At work I got the next to last module to the Web Repository project done. The finished module adds resources to the Repository. The last one should not be too difficult, since it is like the other except that it edits an existing resource rather than adds a new one.

Posted on the Dysmey Blog on 5 July 2007.