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The house: part the fourth.

My big Web Repository project is finished and ready for the catalogers to work with. If it suits them, I can put the display routines on the public Web site. Another trip to Lowe's got me six 13W (60W-equiv) and one 23W (100W-equiv) twisty bulbs for the rest of the ceiling lamps. The 23W one was for the lamp in the bathroom, by which the bathroom gets decent light again. I also got some gardening tools. The day was really hot and windy. I had to open the windows to let the heat out. I also had to pick up the branches that fell out of the tree so that I could park my car under it. Anyway all the lamps are clean and have twisty bulbs in them. The lamp in the stairwell was more troublesome because its ground wire was broken and I had to screw it back in. Finally I tried out the garden tools, pulling up that annoying tall weed next to the deck. As for the deck, one of its planks has a broken chunk off one end. Eventually I will have to replace the plank (and several others, as the previous owner had done). Madre later brought some of the stuff that I left at my sister Tina's house from when I was housesitting there. One box was full of kitchen utensils, an oven mit, saran wrap and aluminum foil. The other was full of food; the stuff was at least two years old. I don't know why Tina just didn't throw the stuff away; I will have to do it myself. There is a whole bunch of stuff at Tina's that I had to leave behind because I had nowhere to put it. When my housesitting time was coming to an end in 2004 I had planned to move out in August but was forced to move out in a hurry in June because for some godless reason my sister let her daughter decide the moving date. I was angry at the time because it was sprung on me at the last minute and I was left with almost no time to decide what to do with a lot of stuff I bought over the past two years. In the end I had to leave it at Tina's. Now the stuff will likely be sent to the county trash district for deposal.

Posted on the Dysmey Blog on 7 July 2007.