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The house: part the fifth.


This is a day of a lot of firsts. All my major furniture — my bed, my dresser, my armchair, and my television set — have been transported from my bedroom at the folks' house to my own house. This means that I will be sleeping, washing and (mostly) eating in the new house from now on. Yes, I have done this sort of thing at my sister's while housesitting for her. The difference is that the new house is mine.

Padre brought a flatbed trailer and helped me pile my furniture onto it; then drove it to my house and helped place the furniture. Even with the furniture the house still looks a little empty. But then, my old room looks a little empty now. Over the next few days more stuff (mostly books) will go from point A to point B. The home box must stay put, though, until the phone company transfers my phone service to the new house.

I have food in the fridge and in the pantry. The shower has been washed (not scrubbed — at least not yet) and sprayed with Lysol to nail the mildew. I had tried unsuccessfully to find a towel rack at Wally-world and Lowe's. I will try Bed/Bath/Beyond next. The radio works in the house; the television set has to make do with an old UHF antenna I bought at Radio Shack years ago.


This would be a good day weekend if not for the fact my Aspire decided to choke. It is not dead, although my folks are already looking for a replacement for me. The car does rev up; it just does not start up. The juice is there; we all know that. The gas is just not reaching the engine. I am reasonably sure that the alarm system is interfering with the fuel pump somehow. The first thing I do after the car comes back to life is to drive somewhere and have that stupid useless alarm system removed.

Posted on the Dysmey Blog on 10 July 2007.