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The house, my car, the weather, and sick birds.

My brother, who is a whiz with cars as I am with computers, found a fuel pump for my car. It will be here before the end of the week, and my brother will then put it in. If this starts up the car, I will get that alarm system removed from my car even if I have to take time off work. This bull will not happen again! The Fore Aspire is not an expensive car, and the alarm system should not have been installed in the first place. Anyway, as I am driving Erin's car, I might as well return the favor by getting the car an oil/lube job at Miller Tire. After that I went to Target, but found nothing useful. Then I went to Lowe's and Wally-World and got mostly bath and kitchen items. The big thing I got at Lowe's was a replacement faucet for the kitchen sink. This one did not have a sprayer because I never found a use for such things. I installed the faucet without much fuss (I had to buy a wrench and sealant from the local hardware store). I also installed a new shower head because the old one would not turn without unscrewing it. I also tried to use a hoe to remove the weeds growing in the cracks, but that did not work well. I will have to just pull them out by hand tomorrow morning. I have moved most of the books from old bedroom to the upper room. Tomorrow I will finish moving the books and sort through the rest of the junk in my room, some to take to the new house and some to await the trash pickup on Thursday. The weather has been warm, sunny and windy. It has not been humid, though; in fact, it have been rather arid. The lawn is getting hit bigtime, and I will have to get a hose and nozzle so that I can water at least the part of the lawn that is out of the shade. There have been dead and sick birds here and there. One of them was on the court in front of the shed. The bird was actually panting; its inner eye membrane was blinking constantly; and I could actually walk up to the bird, and the worst it did was walk away: It could not fly. I gave the bird some water. The bird later was mauled by the dog of one of my neighbors; the neighbor promptly tried to stop his dog when I told him the bird was sick. (The sickness might have been West Nile.)

Posted on the Dysmey Blog on 12 July 2007.