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The house, the lawn and a very hot day.

Just as I was starting to worry that the manual lawn mower was not coming in time, UPS dropped it off yesterday afternoon. I put the handle of the mower together this morning; I find I will need a tool other than a wrench and pliers to tighten the screws. Anyway I mowed the lawn and did a little weeding this morning. The weather had changed from warm, dry and windy to hot, humid and calm this morning. I had to stop every so often to get water, and was constantly reminded that June is hayfever season. But in the end I got the lawn mowed. Now if only there were grass to mow: Most of the lawn has grown little since I moved in, for the grass is so dry. The telephone service should be switched from my old place to my new one this afternoon. I already moved the DSL modem, router, telephone and answering machine. So far I get a busy signal. I also took the power supply and a power strip: Both of these report bad wiring ground. One of the first people I will call will be the electricians. (The actual first person I will call will be Giant Bar and Grill for a hot cheeseburger and fries.) The computer, currently disconnected, will be put together this evening. This is why I am posting from a computer at the Bracken Library. The flying ants are still a nuisance, esp. in the evening; but not quite as much as the past few days. The heat is replacing the ants as the chief nuisance; but I don't want to get an air conditioner yet until I see my first electrical bill to determine how much I can afford to expend on juice. I will rely on a fan for now. It appears the mail and the trash pickup occur in the afternoon. Evidently the northeast side of town gets its service last. So far I have met the neighbors on (1) my side of Fourth Street (carpenter with wife and kids); (2) my side of Buckeye Street (old lady); (3) a block south of me on Buckeye (old man with two black/white dogs); and catty-corner from me. They all seem to be nice people. The neighbors just across Fourth from me know I exist, but we have not met yet. The house across Buckeye is inhabited but still for sale. The library board is having trouble with the accountant hired to do the library's accounts, as it is evident that the accountant does not realize that governmental entities like the library have different accounting requirements than businesses or individuals. We had to reject this month's report. As for the other library, my co-workers have had to fix one of the public printers; and it has been decided that the newer Macs will have their iSight cameras turned off by default. Now, whether that means just the iMacs or the MacBooks, too, I will have to find out.

Posted on the Dysmey Blog on 14 July 2007.